Welcome to iPrize – saving you money!

A big hello to everyone. We are happy to add our 5% discount on Woolworths egift cards. You will be pleasantly surprised how this can add up.

And if you download the Woolworths money app and join Woolworths rewards, you will save 5.5% off your total shop. Just follow the links once you have downloaded an egift card.

We also have our discounted movie tickets for Hoyts, Wallis and regional Village Cinemas.

Below is where you will find tickets. We have grouped them into lots 2, 4 and 8. But if you need a specific amount, please drop us an email at shop@iprize.com.au.

Current Offers

From the businesses and clubs Loyalty subscribes to, we have picked these deals as being the best value for you. But these companies are not associated nor do we imply any endorsement with this programme. We only pass on the access to these deals as they come to hand as quickly as we can! Thank you for your support and if you have any queries email info@loyalty.com.au and we will reply to you!

About Us

Hello, I am Simon Roach. I love creating and building new ideas.

What I love about iprize is that we can help our charity partners and save our customers a lot of money.

We have been designing promotions since 1990, and the whole industry is just taking off now with the things we can offer through the internet.

I started this company so that we can have the fun of helping those in need, having the joy of winning and getting real value for all those involved.

We have just starting to get going with all the things we can do, so welcome and here is to saving and winning money:)